Maya Sculpt Layers via Tweak Node

I was explaining shapes and node connections in Maya to a friend one day, and after a bit they asked if you could use this to replicate sculpt layers. Which I figured could be possible. And after tinkering away for a bit I came up with a solution that kinda works! Each “layer” has it’s own tweak that works as the envelope for that layer. That resulted in this video/tweet:

The main idea here is that the change from a bottom layer will be passed on to the next layer, but subdivided once, and allow turning on/off/blend the deltas for each layer. I later did a video explaining the setup in detail.

  • 00:00 - Overview of setup functionality
  • 01:16 - “Sculpt Layer” Setup
  • 05:14 - Tweak and Tweak node overview
  • 08:08 - Code overview

You can find the code presented in the video here: