Siggraph 2021 Autodesk Vision Series

For their Vision Series at this years Siggraph, Autodesk invited me to go through my experiments with the new rigging tools in Maya 2022, and the video is now up on YouTube!

Here is the short version shown at Siggraph:

Here is the longer version we recorded. This goes more into detail and covers some more basics about the falloffs:

It was really fun to go through this with Will Telford (Senior Product Owner - USD & Maya Rigging) and hear his views and comments on me poking at the new systems in Maya.

We cover mostly the things I’ve covered in my previous post about the Falloff system in Maya 2022, but since that I’ve also had a play with some other ideas. For example how we can paint the weight for a proximity wrap like it was a skinCluster, and a simple example of how the proximity wrap can allow you to change meshes on the fly without having to update the rig.

There’s a lot of interesting use cases for this new system and I’m really looking forward to dive deeper on it on some characters. Also to see where the pitfalls for this type of system might be.